Community Radio Station "SAPPORO VILLAGE RADIO"  FM 81.3 Mhz



さっぽろ村ラジオ(Sapporo Village Radio, FM・81.3MHZ)





      The Headquarter of Sapporo Village Radio is located in Higasi(East)-ku,

 The City of Sapporo.  It was established on the 8th of Nov, 2002.

  We, about 1.35million  people in Sapporo and around one,  can listen to      

  our radio programs.



       開局15周年記念日:  2018年4月1日

              The 1st of April , 2018 is The 15th anniversary day of     

              our starting radio signal (81.3MHZ), Sapporo Village Radio.   


                               Great Thanks For All The People !